Please ensure you read our Policies regarding deliveries, payments, privacy and returns carefully before using our Website. 

Privacy Policy

SuppGuru is committed to ensuring your privacy and information is protected on our website. SuppGuru may electronically collect, store and utilise personally identifiable information. In accordance of privacy laws, we collect only the personal data that is needed to complete your request. 

All the collected information will be stored on SuppGuru’s computer system and/or hard copy filing system (if applicable). 

If you feel we are misusing your data please feel free to contact us or lodge a complaint to the Information Regulator of South Africa.  

Got questions? Get in touch on: or 087 183 2131 

Or visit our Contact Us Page: 

Information Retention:

We retain information in accordance with the required retention periods in law or for legitimate business purposes. This information will only be retained for the purposes explicitly set out in this policy. SuppGuru may retain de-identified information indefinitely for statistical purposes. 

Social Media/Communication: 

You will only be contacted should you consent to or initiate communication. Personally Identifiable information may be used for communication regarding goods or services via means such as email, ads, sms and or mail to the extent permitted by applicable laws. 

These are our policies regarding:  

The collection of personally identifiable information:  

This is the breakdown of the information we at SuppGuru may collect: 

  • Name and Surname.  
  • Email Address.  
  • Postal Address.  
  • Contact Information.  
  • Etc.   

SuppGuru will only electronically collect, store and utilise this information if you have either given permission for us to do so or through the creation of a login account and checkout details.   

It may be necessary for SuppGuru to disclose your personal information to our employees and/or our trusted partners (Couriers, PayFast, MosterInsights etc.) for the explicit purpose of legitimate business purposes and to fulfill our service to you. 

This enables us to: 

  • Interact with you via our Website, Email or any other official SuppGuru social media and platform. 
  • Generate Invoices and Refunds. 
  • Process Payments. 
  • Process and complete your SuppGuru order. 
  • Ensure the delivery of your brought goods. 
  • Respond to submissions of any claim and/or communication. 
  • Respond to enquiries and for customer service requirements. 

No banking details will be saved, stored or transferred by SuppGuru to ensure your payments stay safe and secured.  
Our trusted payment gateway provider : PayFast 

The purpose for SuppGuru to collect, store and utilise personally identifiable information:  

SuppGuru collects, stores and utilises personally identifiable information for/to: 

  • Process orders. 
  • Generate invoices. 
  • Internal record keeping.  
  • Marketing purposes. 
  •  communication regarding goods or services via means such as Email, ADs, SMS and or mail to the extent permitted by applicable laws. 
  • Customer services and responding to enquires. 
  • Greet customers upon login.  
  • To fulfill our services.  
  • To ensure you receive your order.  
  • To track browsing habits.  
  • To provide functionality to interactive areas of our website.  
  • The development and improvement of the SuppGuru website.  
  • Etc.  

Users are encouraged to maintain confidentiality of their account and password by not sharing these details. Users agree to ensure all information is truthful and accurate. Users agree to accept responsibility for any and all activity under their account.  


(Not currently applicable) 

SuppGuru does utilise cookies. These cookies are not to violate your privacy, but to improve your overall experience of the SuppGuru website. Cookies allow SuppGuru to add functionality to interactive portions of the website and ease of use to certain areas of the website.   

Cookies retrieve user information and details and may electronically collect, store and utilise:  

  • To Keep Internal Records.  
  • Click Patterns.  
  • Browsing Habits. 
  • Etc.  
Delivery Policy

Deliveries available nationwide. 

  • Delivery time – 2-5 working days.
  • Delivery fee – R69.99 flat rate.

SuppGuru is committed to ensuring your order is shipped to you quickly, affordably and safely. Delivery times may vary according to your location and accessibility. 

Payment Policy

SuppGuru is committed to ensuring you a safe and secure payment platform and gateway. That is why we utilise PayFast, a leading online payment processing company.  

SuppGuru accepts:

  • Debit Card. 
  • Credit Card. 
  • Masterpass. 
  • Instant EFT (both manual and automatic options). 

All payments are instant upon checkout. No banking details will be saved, stored or transferred by SuppGuru to ensure your payments stay safe and secured. 

Returns Policy

All goods purchased from Suppguru on may be returned within 14 Days of purchase only if the items are unopened and in the original packaging and condition. You will be refunded in full once the item is deemed acceptable for return.  

Returns will be allowed for the following: 

1. Cancellations – Cancellations will be accepted within 14 Days from purchase if the item is unopened and in the original packaging and condition. If the item is accepted you will be refunded in full within 1-2 Days. 
2. Defective Items – Defective items will be accepted within 7 Days if deemed defective by SuppGuru. The item may be opened (only in the case of defective items) but must still be in the original packaging and in good condition. If the item is accepted you will be refunded in full within 1-2 Days. 

Any returns, unless the product was delivered faulty or in error, is the sole responsibility of the customer. This includes the cost of delivery back to our delivery address. SuppGuru may not be held liable for any loss and/or damages during the return of products.