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Promo Codes

SuppGuru reserves the right to refuse the use of any invalid and illegitimate use of Promo Codes. In some cases, Promo Codes are designated for specific areas/people and cannot be used by others accordingly. SuppGuru can refuse the use of Promo Codes if they violate these terms at our sole discretion. 


Terms & Conditions for the various promotions and campaigns SuppGuru runs, will differ and be specific for each. Please ensure to read and make note of these differences.  

Selected Benoni Suburb Promotion 

 Free Delivery for the Selected Benoni Suburb Promotion (coupon code: FreeBens) will only be accepted for addresses within: Rynfield, Farramere, Western Extension, Lakefield and Northmead.  
SuppGuru reserves the right to deny, in our sole discretion, the use of coupon code (FreeBens) if the addresses are not within the selected Benoni Suburbs as mentioned above.